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I’m Joe Stance and I’ve decided to try to change the commercial real estate industry by launching in Riverside and servicing the incredible residents of the Inland Empire. We believe that by taking a service approach, rather than a sales focused approach, our company will stand out among the competition and vow to serve our clients just as we would serve ourselves.

Growing up, I admired one of my older and successful older cousins who always seemed to be the coolest guy in the room, very generous with everyone and always respectful and easy to talk with. I remember always wondering how I could do what my cousin does and I eventually asked him what he did for a living. He was a real estate developer.

After graduating from college in Riverside, I started on my quest to obtain my California Real Estate Licence. I was hired by one of the largest global mainstream Commercial Real Estate firms and from there, made Riverside my home base for 30 years, 10 of those as a certified agent. As I grew professionally, my focus and my motications did as well. I no longer wanted to be in commercial real estate because of all the cool things that I could buy, instead I wanted to be in commercial real estate because it was what allowed me to educate others, provide great customer service and fuel my commitment to knowing every part of my market, the Inland Empire.

I have also learned about what my clients want from me when presenting investment opportunities that they could add to their portfolio. They want the facts clearly laid out and it either makes sense for them, or it doesn’t. My job is to be an expert in Riverside’s commercial properties, know every square foot of the building that I am highlighting to my clients and help tell the story behind every property. The customer is always the hero of the story that is being told and my focus will be to take a stance for them.

Some might consider this to be a game changer with which I am happy to be the one at the forefront. I am surrounding myself with individuals that have the same goals and values in mind, as well as those that have strong reputations and who are not motivated by greed but by the desire to create relationships that they can partner with and help succeed even further.

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For over thirty years Joe has made his home in the city of Riverside. During his ten-year career in commercial real estate, he has leased and sold millions of square feet of property in the Inland Empire…

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