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How do you find a professional commercial real estate broker? Finding a broker or agent to trust can not only be a challenge, it can be disheartening. Joe and Heidi Stance are two innovative individuals shaking up the commercial real estate industry with their commitment to service and community. They are the founders and owners of Stance Commercial Real Estate, the go-to brokerage in Riverside and the Inland Empire. Joe has 14 years of experience within the commercial real estate industry under his belt, while Heidi’s background in education is backed by a Doctorate and credentials from elite institutions including the University of Southern California.

As community leaders, they have vowed to use their combined expertise and knowledge to give back to Riverside and the Inland Empire by offering the best advice and services the commercial real estate industry has to offer. When interviewed, Joe and Heidi went into detail about exactly how they hope to give back to the city and industry they love.

Why did you want to pursue commercial real estate?

Joe: Commercial real estate didn’t start out as a passion for me, but over time it grew into one after seeing that the majority of the people we represent are visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, and calculated risk-takers. While I worked in mainstream corporate brokerage, I also noticed a theme that the commercial real estate industry model is based on a sales-performance platform. Sales-performance models put unnecessary pressure on every agent to drive sales and close the deal at the expense of customer service. Once I noticed this issue, I was inspired to change the industry to a service-based model and launched Stance CRE.

What makes Stance Commercial Real Estate stand out?

Heidi: We grew up in Riverside, which gives us an advantage. We love the city and we want to see it thrive and grow. What better place to be than on the forefront of that growth with commercial real estate, and being able to bring in new businesses and new ideas. We aren’t about just landing sales, we want to see these businesses take off and be successful.

Joe: We realized that we’re small business owners, which is exactly the kind of people we represent: small business owners. We see the risks our clients are taking and it’s such an inspiration to work with people who are pursuing their passions and have the same kind of mentality that we have. I think the fact that we are inspired by our own clients says something.

Heidi: And with Joe’s years of experience in the industry, we hope to give back to our clients. His market expertise is so vital to our company. We can know exactly what building our clients need and offer expert advice from start to finish. Whatever it may be, we can provide that.

Can commercial real estate really ditch the sales model and solely be a service?

Joe: Absolutely. We follow up on our clients to see how they are doing. With our team, we incorporate bonuses based on collaboration within the office. We want to serve others the way we would want to be served. We believe that if we are serving others, that we will be provided for, and it’s proven to be true.

What does “community” mean to you and do you think that term applies to commercial real estate?

Heidi: The first thing that comes to mind is relationships— that core group of people who knows what’s going on in your life. You get to know them and trust them. You begin to trust each other and continue to build on that. Keeping our clients’ relationships up allows for that sense of community. We like to have lunch dates with our clients. We check in on them, even after we are no longer providing a service.

Joe: In the professional world, that would mean just being plugged into the community— the city level, government level, connecting with different business owners, knowing what laws are coming that affect business owners. We can offer our clients not just our service, but lead them to trusted advisors and other services within our community and circle. We’re all in the same community, so we all have the opportunity to look out for one another.

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