Taking Care Of Business: A Look At New Businesses Coming To Riverside


We grew up in Riverside. We love the city and we want to see it thrive and grow. What better place to be than on the forefront of that growth with commercial real estate? We have been blessed to be able to bring in new businesses and new ideas to this city which we admire so much.

Why do we love Riverside? The area we serve is unique in that Riverside has all the benefits and opportunities of a larger city,while maintaining the kind of community one would find in a smaller town. Riverside boasts affordable housing, is known for its arts and innovation, and it is a great location close to both the mountains and the beach. The entire Inland Empire is an up-and-coming hub for new businesses and passionate entrepreneurs.

We want to continue to see it grow and for those local business owners to thrive. We work hard to bring great business owners to Riverside. Our clients are all like-minded individuals who want to see the city succeed as much as we do. Any city is basically what you make it. Your investment into the city is what it will give back to you. That’s why at Stance Commercial Real Estate we have dedicated our time to serving our city and community.

The Place To Be

There are many reasons for new businesses to start here. For manufacturers, Riverside is on its own power grid, so their power savings can be tremendous. The cost of living is also more affordable, which means business owners and operators can live and work in the same city, eliminating exhausting commutes. With new residential development going on, it’s no secret that the city is booming.

Riverside also has unique demographics that opens new business opportunities. The city is known for its city college as well as three major universities. With such a large student and young adult population, there is always a demand for new restaurants, places of entertainment, retail stores and more. College students not only make great interns, but also broader the labor pool for owners and managers to hire from. Downtown Riverside has been creating businesses that cater to a younger population, which in turn has kept money circulating within the local economy. We’d like to see more of that.

How We Are Giving Back

With commercial real estate, we get to partner with the best businesses and help them get started. We are being strategic as a commercial real estate company to bring in good and profitable businesses that want to be here. We love partnering with clients who share our passion for the city and want to be a part of this community. On numerous occasions we have also found like-minded clients in neighboring cities and brought them to Riverside to expand. Most of our listings are here in Riverside, but we get calls from new businesses everywhere around the world. The first question we always ask is, how can we bring them to Riverside?

One of our clients, KGEL Steel Inc., is a prime example of how we bring great companies to this city. Originally we put them in a building in Colton as a start up three years ago, and during that three year time, their business expanded. They were suddenly in a position to double their size, as well as in a position to purchase. We not only helped them find the perfect location to purchase in Riverside, we also helped them sublease the Colton location which saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, by owning a location in Riverside, they are paying less for power, which is a major plus. We are expecting KGEL to double again within the next three years, and we will maintain a relationship and will be there to help the moment they are ready.

Following The Opportunity

Now is the time to jump in and establish a business in Riverside. Organizations from other cities and states are already seizing the opportunity. Staffing companies are coming to Riverside for the large labor pool. Entrepreneurs are starting new companies that cater to the city’s unique and diverse demographic. Riverside, the city of arts and innovation, just has more to offer than most people know, and we are the ones to talk to.

We will never push our clients into something they don’t want, but we truly believe that the cost of doing and starting a business is better in Riverside, which means business owners can take more risks and grow. Knowing all the options is key. Not all brokerages offer those options or even know all of them. Stance Commercial Real Estate will show everything that is on the market as well as opportunities only we know about, because we want new businesses to find the best option for their company.

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