Working Together to Realize Your Commercial Real Estate Vision

At Stance Commercial Real Estate, serving you is our first priority. Whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord or tenant, Stance offers a complete spectrum of services. Utilizing advanced commercial real estate technology, along with extensive local market knowledge, we equip our clients to make informed and confident decisions. Our goal is to have each client advance with Stance.

The Stance Approach

On behalf of our clients, we want to be known as the company that changed the commercial real estate industry by taking a stance for service. The plans and goals you have to purchase, sell, lease or occupy a space commands our attention and we vow to prioritize making those goals become a reality. We can guarantee that by partnering with Stance, you will be able to make knowledgeable decisions by utilizing our years of industry experience and in-depth local market involvement. Because your time is valuable, we are motivated to simplify the process at every step. 


Your property is unique, and so are your requirements. We will work closely with you using our fully customizable streamlined process designed to help meet your goals at every step. At our initial strategy session, we identify a target audience that will recognize your property’s highest value. Determining the right time to sell your commercial real estate property and other important factors will be discussed. Our approach to client service ensures a smooth transaction from our first meeting to the close of escrow.

Whether you prefer to meet by phone, or in person, we are eager to talk with you. We will take time to understand your priorities and develop the best strategy to advance to your goals.

Stance Commercial Real Estate - Riverside, CA


At Stance, we value our Riverside community and take property management just as seriously as selling or purchasing property. We understand that having a sense of urgency is a must when filling vacant space; at the same time we maintain our standards in finding the best solutions available. We move quickly to replenish vacant space with quality tenants and maximize revenue. This is why landlords trust us to keep their properties filled year after year.

We also provide ongoing tenant lease expiration tracking for landlords who own one or more properties. In other words, we start lining up prospective tenants before the current tenant vacates. Landlords trust us to keep their properties consistently filled year after year.

Let us help make your job as landlord as easy as possible. From beginning to end, our process focuses on your needs while implementing a focused strategy to get your property occupied as quickly as possible and keep it that way.

Stance Commercial Real Estate - Riverside, CA


Our relentless ability to uncover commercial real estate opportunities assures our clients have the competitive advantage in any market. Each buyer has specific requirements. Whether it is a premium location, specific property criteria, or special financing, we work with you to achieve complete satisfaction in your buying decision. Our clients are shown exclusive off-market commercial property opportunities. The buyers we represent don’t need to settle for a less-than-perfect purchase option. Our relentless ability to uncover these opportunities assures our clients have a competitive advantage in any market.

Stance Commercial Real Estate - Riverside, CA


When you need a new location, we’re here to help. Our expertise in property management ensures a seamless transition. When you partner with us, we do all the work. To fulfill your specific needs, we take the time to translate your objectives into tangible steps. We identify locations, qualify each site, and ensure a smooth transition to your company’s new place of business.

Stance Commercial Real Estate - Riverside, CA

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